Poems for consideration

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Without this evening came,
What night was called up,
Then that day would not be re-
At the beginning all over again.

By living those colorful notes
We\'re going tuneful.
By the clear mountain octave
Up and down.
It is a tune that we sing,
What it has given?
And it is a song that remains,
Remain behind you.

mašīnizpūtēji air mixing,
And the engine head is confusing,
There is a pile of pollution,
And trees can not eject the first stand

Once the green youth, hope flourished
Then the hot blood had, it was time to light
And the whole world so colorful, so nice!
And the future bright as the sun\'s face.

Time passed, hopes were lost in the smoke
All died in the past had a beautiful, who had a holy,
Once upon a divine images so pale, so gloomy,
Didzis and nothing is to be sown in faith.

And now I despise the world of things
Because I see that everything just nightmares and cake.
Against happiness, against misfortune breasts are hard,
I just do not care, or grief or joy.

Even when my heart stops,
I atlidošu to you
How pieneņpūka. .
How fragile snowflake kritīšu
Your walking in the footsteps of
To say only what
That was worth loving

I look candle flame,
And remember the times
When we were together,
When buciņš each other doses.
So nice it was though!
Warmed himself one another,
Cuddling each other,
As will feel it again.

I think about you
I think for us,
But I know one
You nepieteiksies the
I mean, I know - there is nothing between us can no longer be. . ,
And never will.

Gives an unusual voice,
Take any advice,
But ruled itself!

If you understand how I feel
You know what to do
You try to understand what is happening
But you do not know how to
You do not try to understand what is going on
Why do. .

It\'s nice to know it
When somebody loves you
and when you love someone,
But the love you have in any case
can prick a dagger in the back,
Therefore neielaidies it!

my hand writes,
But I do not know for what,
But my heart says quietly -
For long memories.

is no laughing matter for others to whom life is difficult,
No laughing matter, with a broken heart in pain.
Be like the sun, which warms and caresses,
Well as the flowers that mud is a myth.

Go where you run a long,
Do not go where you are called a storm.
Life is a lot of dreams zilgas
Happy where also a lot of grief.

Not only winter in the middle years of change
Years is changing every moment, every day
You see birch trunk, hearing Dainas.
Do you feel a friend\'s heart.

If you have a chest pain hurts
With a smile in life go!
Then believe Sadness air
Strength of the soul will come.